Sell Like a Team by Michael Dalis (2/10)

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Pivotal meetings with clients and prospects now often involve more people – on both sides of the table. Significant technology advances in recent years have enabled customers to gain information about their options faster – and without you. In addition, economic instability, geopolitical concerns, corporate scandals, and public relations blunders have created mistrust and heightened attention to risk and return on investment.

Clients now arrive at meetings and calls ready to give all of their stakeholders a voice and wanting to look behind the curtain to the people in your organization who will own the work after the sale. Team selling unlocks revenue by teaching sellers how to utilize their organizations’ resources to build the right team for a presentation and get those stakeholders working together to execute compelling pitches that add value for buyers and win business.

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Contributors: Andrea Grodnitzky from Richardson Sales Training 

Written by Taegan Lion

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