Schott CWU-R Navy Bomber Flight Jacket 210100 (4/9)

What do you like about this piece?

Liam: The inside orange lining is really cool and very in right now. It stands out but doesn’t overpower an outfit. Also, the zip pocket on the side looks great on any bomber jacket, I wish they would incorporate that look more often.

What do you NOT like about this piece?

Liam: The collar again. I think a collar can make or break a jacket, this time it breaks it. I would much prefer a classic no collar bomber, it emphasizes the puffy look of the bomber which is what you want from these types of jackets.

What do you think would go well with this piece?

Liam: Skinny black jeans and a Grey Ralph Lauren t-shirt underneath. You want to keep things light underneath so the bomber looks oversized on you.

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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