Schippertainment… Schip to it and be entertained! (3/18)

Schippertainment... Schip to it and be entertained!

As the end of 2017 approached, it was obvious the world needed a little humour. So, Richard Davis began writing short stories about his life with his Schipperke dogs. Richard is a War Veteran who has dedicated his life to others, through his choice of career, and also through his charity work (just last month he helped donate 400+ toys to Children in need for Christmas!)

The stories in this book are about life and death and all the strange and wonderful stuff that goes on in-between. Some are memoirs, some are about the day to day occurrences of life with dogs, and some are just plain ‘out there!’. They all have one thing in common: You won’t forget them.

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Help his dream come true… just as he has made the dreams of others happen.

Written by Amy Curran

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