San Junipero T-Shirt (2/4)

San Junipero is one of the very few ‘happy’ Black Mirror episodes and it has subsequently warmed the heart of fans everywhere. Following the love story of two girls across time, it is a tale that showcases devotion and care which is a long way off in a lot of the Black Mirror universe. 

San Junipero, as an episode reflecting the series, is one of the most marketable stories Black Mirror has ever produced; its quips and dialogue are perfect for poster and clothing designs; however, very few do as good a job as our shirt here. Designed by Cloud City 7, it features a hot contrast of oranges and pink against a black backdrop and swipes across one of the most iconic lines in the episode: ‘Heaven is a place on Earth’. Guaranteed high quality and available in every size from small to XX-large, Cloud City’s San Junipero design is enough to make any Black Mirror fan envious. 

Written by James Metcalfe

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