Rustic Wall Clock (2/16)

Rusted Crate provides a variety of hand-selected farmhouse, vintage products. The white rustic wall clock with black roman numerals is one of my favorites.

  • Size Range: There’s 3 sizes to choose from. This gives flexibility depending on the room it’s going into.
  • Simplistic Design: The black and white color scheme and simplistic interface (roman numerals) make it a great accent piece for almost any room
  • It has a dual modern and nostalgic value: The color scheme looks a bit more modern, but the wood material and slightly distressed look put it more in the vintage category.
  • Clocks are a must: Anyone moving into a home is probably upsizing, which means they’ll want some unique wall decor to fill up space. Everyone loves a great clock.

Contributions: Matt Smith from Rusted Crate

Written by Ben Skute

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