Rose Quartz Facial Roller (2/14)

What’s better than giving somebody you care about something that allows them to care better for themselves? 

  • Rose Quartz Facial Rollers help to relax, and distress, improve skin elasticity, while also providing an opportunity for an intimate massage experience between partners. 
  • Rose Quartz *is* the gemstone most commonly associated with love and relationships and is said to open up the heart to unconditional love, whether that’s for self-love, love between friends, or more. 
  • Facial rollers and self-care have been one of the hottest topics of 2018, but it’s not too late to bag yourself a jade roller, and find out what all the fuss is about. 
  • At just under $30 you won’t break the bank. 

Contributor: Edward Hutchins from Jade88 

Written by Ben Skute

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