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Romance On The Go is a Concierge Service (ROTGO), a small business that promotes romance and intimacy. They specialize in planning dates and romantic room designs AKA Romance Gifts (Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding night/Honeymoon, Naughty & Nice, & more), without the stress! Couples literally just show up! Their motto is, We Bring Romance To ANY Space or Place.

Contributors: Ta’Veca Collins from Romance On The Go

Written by Ben Skute


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  1. Romance on the Go was definitely the best gift I gave to my love one. From the rose peddles, candles, strawberries, and champagne and many more, my mate was very surprised.. The ladies are very professional.. I will definitely use them again.

  2. I’m typically not a speechless man, but ROTGO blew my mind and my girl’s mind away! A friend had encouraged me to call them so that I could surprise my girl! My girl still talks about how I surprised her! It literally changed my relationship!

  3. This has been a catalyst to the revitalization of my relationship. Words can’t explain the romantic experience created by ROTG. I would recommend their services to the world!!

  4. This was my birthday gift last year from my man! I will never forget it! It was the most romantic gift EVER!

  5. This is super cool! I’m going to give them a call and see how I can surprise my spouse for our anniversary! I’m excited that I don’t have to run around town!

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