Reduce Monthly Bills (5/6)

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Out of everything listed so far, reducing your monthly bills can actually have the largest long-term savings. Even just a small savings of $10/month adds up… that’s $120 per year. Do this multiple times, and you’ll create a lot of savings that never go away.

Start by tackling your utilities. Bills like your water, gas, and electricity bills can often be easiest to lower. Keep your thermostat set a little higher in the summer and a little lower in the winter. Use fans to circulate air when its hot and put on a sweater when its cold. 

Check your water heater and lower the temperature that you have it set to. This keeps your water heater from constantly heating water to be at your ready. Identify energy and water hogs like dryers and dishwashers, and come up with a few strategies to lower their usage. Try hang drying a few clothes, and drying dishes by hand once in awhile.

Written by Allen Michael

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