Puppy Supplies (14/14)

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Have your home puppy-ready before you go to pick up your new pup. Have a crate, some blankets, toys, bowls and most important gates to keep your pup safe and keep your home safe from wandering pups or if you want to find an alternative solution to this, you can also monitor your puppy with a dog GPS tracker as they have an invisible gate function which will help you find out where your dog is now and in the case of leaving the area pre-designated by you, it will immediately send you a notification about it.. Pick up things from the floor that the puppy would like to chew on, have some clean up enzyme ready for accidents, and consider child safety locks on lower kitchen cabinets as well. Prepare your children for appropriate play and handling of puppies. Locate a vet that you would like to work with and set up an appointment for your new puppy. And find a training center nearby that offers puppy classes, as these times are important for socializing your pup and for your to gain valuable information from experts.

Contributors: Sally Morgan from Pet Behavior Solutions & Hands-On Healing

Written by Ben Skute

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