Publish Your Video Content with Amazon Video Direct (7/11)

The sale at uDemy last Christmas got me hooked! I’ve ordered everything from a course in Bitcoin to How to Read 300 books A Year (LOVED this one), to how to Publish Your Video Content with Amazon Video Direct by Phil Ebiner and Dave Espino

I wish more small businesses would acknowledge Amazon for the juggernaut it has quickly become and I truly believe it’s the sleeping giant winning the AI game. What happens when your potential customer asks Alexa for a local business that does [insert need]. How do you show up? Will you show up? What partnerships does Amazon have with different players that help deliver results in this new zero-interface search environment? 

While the video doesn’t exactly speak to that, small businesses already producing great content might not know they can now produce on Amazon. It’s definitely more difficult than YouTube but if you work it into your workflow, it’s possible! 

Want to find out more about this course or take it? Find out how here.

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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