Pricing for Profit (7/9)

All business people want to earn more money, but moving the needle by getting more or better clients can be an uphill battle — it can be both a protracted and complex affair. On the other hand, pricing improvements can be executed quickly and create a noticeable and sometimes dramatic difference to a business’s profits.

This book gives excellent insight into where most of us go wrong with pricing. It also provides a range of excellent ideas and solutions that will help business owners improve their pricing and earn more money.

I’ve successfully used the ideas in this book to improve the pricing of my consultancy, and friends businesses(bars and e-commerce stores). It’s a must-read for any business owner who wants to get to grips with the pricing side of their business.

The book itself is pricey, but in this regard, Peter practices what he preaches — by putting a proper value on the excellent education he provides.

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Contributors: Andrew Bull from Bright Arts Agency

Written by Ben Skute

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