Penfield Leather Boot (6/8)

What do you like about this piece?

Gath: The shape, colourand finish.

Liam: The shine finish looks really clean. Also looks very fitted, no extra bulginess around the side of the shoe. The colour of the heel and the black flexible elastic also compliment each other really well.

What do you NOT like about this piece?

Liam: The boot height might be a bit too high. I would’ve brought it down a bit. Also, I don’t like the pointy edging at the top, think they should’ve rounded that off.

What do you think would go well with this piece?

Gath: Anything from a neutral colour palette to a contrast of colour. It’s all up to you.

Liam: Definitely some skinny fit, black wash jeans. Up top, the smarter the better, maybe a white Allsaints shirt, followed by a smart jacket over the top.

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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