Pay attention during your conversation (9/24)

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The absolutely BEST way to wow the boopsie of your dreams on your first date is to pay attention during your conversation. Ask questions to find out what she really likes, and do that. Does she love adventurous food? Suggest a new restaurant. Love to be outdoors? Grab some amazing nibbles from Fresh Market, and put on a picnic.

Travel? A day trip (no more than 30 minutes) to a nearby area to explore. Photography? Take a micro tour of your own town, trying to find the most amazing close-up shots, and compare. It’s that easy, and it sets you apart from a million and one coffee meets, dinner-and-a-movie, and just plain old boring “dates” she’s either been on, or will go on after you (if you don’t wow her, of course).

The key is to do something different for HER sake, not just to be different. Make it something she’ll enjoy, and she’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and creativity. Also, doing something awesome like this can fit any budget from thrifty to high-falutin’.

Contributors: Heather Claus from DatingKinky

Written by Ben Skute

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