PackLite Max Phone Charger (8/9)

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The PackLite Max Phone Charger is a portable solar lantern and phone charger that packs flat to 1 thick, but expands to a full-sized camping lantern and solar phone charger. It’s the smart tech that’s the single solution for portable power, no matter how far you are from an outlet.

Normally, backpackers would need to pack separately: a solar panel, a camping lantern, and a rechargeable battery pack for equivalent use. The PackLite Max Phone Charger has all three in one compact unit, all in under 10oz.

Easy to use and durable, the PackLite Max Phone Charger recharges in the sun or recharges via USB input. It’s IP67 waterproof, dustproof, and even floats on water. Nononsense, useful, and cleverly designed for rough trail use, no matter how long the trip.

Contributors: Celia Eckert from LuminAID

Written by Ben Skute

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