Organic Chocolate (15/36)

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The St. Croix Chocolate Company makes several gift boxes of chocolate flavors — all made from scratch:

  •  Coffee Lovers (variety of coffee flavors, obviously) 
  • Caramel Lovers (This is the real deal, not crap that pulls out your fillings) 
  • Tropical Vacation (Let’s talk Passion Fruit. And lots of other flavors that will help you leave your body — at least for a few minutes) 
  • Gone Nutty — Lots of nuts in lots of ways and combinations. Crunchy, wonderful goodness 
  • Boozed Up — Highly giftable box, but also highly keepable! Honey Whiskey, Port Wine, Pumpkin Brandy, Spiked eggnog (the list goes on). Interesting booze is the star of each chocolate in this collection. 
  • Local Brew — The Twin Cities are full of really good breweries. We pick six of the best winter brews and turn them into fabulous chocolates. 
  • Tea It Up! Classic Earl Grey, Matcha, Yuzu jasmine and more — this beautiful box features tea transformed into delicious confections. 

Contributors: Robyn Dochterman from St. Croix Chocolate Company

Written by Ben Skute

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