On writing by Steven King (1/18)

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Stephen King is just that: a King of fiction writing. What better way to learn about fiction than from someone who has written almost 100 fiction books with at least 75 of them being made into films? This book starts at the beginning of King’s life and takes the reader along the journey that shaped him as a person and as a writer.

It demonstrates to readers that you can take a simple moment in life and turn it into an entire novel if you let your imagination take over. King explains how to empower readers and how to empower yourself as a writer. He shows through this short novel not only how to connect with an audience but how to do it brilliantly. After reading King’s book, you can see that behind every moment, there is a story waiting to be written. This book is also great because it can be for experienced fiction writers or for beginners.

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Written by Taegan Lion

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