Niko Easy Wash Children’s Car Seat Cover (16/38)

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The NIKO Easy Wash Children’s Car Seat Cover debuted on Amazon just 3 months ago and has been doing incredibly well. It’s the PERFECT gift for the mom, dad or grandparents – especially those who have to travel with their toddlers during the holiday/winter season. 

Nothing like this exists in big box retailers or online – it’s a unique, soft, easy-on, easy-off car seat cover for children that incorporates thoughtful design features like cupholder openings, a waterproof bottom, two pockets on each side to hold toys, snacks or pacifiers and is universal fit for all forward-facing toddler car seats! You can wash it over and over again. 

No one will have a gift like this, so if you give the NIKO Easy Wash Children’s Car Seat Cover – it’s sure to be the one and only of its kind this holiday season.

Contributor: Jinah Kim-Perek from NIKO USA, LLC

Written by Ben Skute

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