Native Strength – The First Step on the Path to an Indomitable Life (6/6)

Native Strength – The First Step on the Path to an Indomitable Life is the first book in a series on a centuries-old inter-tribal traditional Native American methods for achieving and maintaining emotional balance and integrity that incorporates the use of cannabis.

Native Americans have always embraced healing herbs and teaching plants and cannabis was commonly used to treat PTSD, depression, hyperactivity and a host of other issues our contemporary society is just now discovering can be helped by its use.

By using proven keys revealed by our ancestors, we can choose how best to react and process all that life has given us, thereby taking responsibility for our own emotional well-being.

In 1986 I began my personal journey for an alternative to the contemporary mental health care system and they accompanying pharmaceuticals.  I am a registered member of the Cherokee tribe and I served for several years as a Blessed Woman for the Lost River Band of the Cherokees where I used what I had learned to successfully help the people.

It has become apparent to me that I must share this information with the rest of the world in hopes that it can help current and future generations.

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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