Mystical Manga Tarot (2/7)

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Rann & Barbara Moore; Llewellyn Publications; £25 ($29.99)

Originally self-published in Europe but is now available from Llewellyn Publications.  The illustrator, French artist Rann, creates some of the most exquisite illustrations.  The figures are in the Japanese graphic novel style, which would appeal to a younger user or someone who is generally interested in that style of illustration.

The deck comes in a box with its’ own guidebook written by Barbara Moore, a well-known writer of books on Tarot, though it reads like a storybook.  The images follow the Rider-Waite template, but Rann has made some changes but enough to make it interesting and open to interpretation.

Bear in mind that the cards are a bit thinner than other decks, so be sure to handle them carefully if you decide to carry them around with you.  You might want to consider purchasing an alternative case for the cards rather than always dragging their box around.

A more in-depth review of this deck is available on my blog.

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