My Soul Mat (27/58)

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That is the goal of the two sisters that created MY SOUL MAT. We always felt we could add more to our practice with beautiful art and affirmations. How wonderful would it be to focus on a positive statement throughout your flow, while gazing at a rainbow of colors and inspiring images? With these mats, we want you to leave class feeling good about yourself, about the day ahead of you, about LIFE! My Soul Mat was designed with a sweaty practice in mind. 

As avid yogis, we have used yoga mats that were only made of rubber or vinyl for years! We used yoga towels for sweat, and our mats were even MORE slippery as the towel was a separate moving piece from the actual mat. ICK! Our solution: we created a yoga mat with a super absorbent top layer made with micro-suede and a bottom layer from natural tree rubber. The more you sweat with My Soul Mat, the better your grip! No extra towel needed here! 

Contributors: Ken Collis from TLK Fusion 

Written by Ben Skute

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