Modular Closets (18/19)

Maximizing the room in your new living space is often a goal of new couples who move in together. You may move into a smaller home which you now have to share with another person. In addition, the closet may not be big enough to fit the belongings of two people. 

An easy, inexpensive, space saving idea is to install a modular closet. These are closets that you design, put together, and install yourself. The tools you will need include tools that most homes have a set of, including a hammer or a screwdriver. 

Before you order, review your closet to see which system would work best for the contents of your closet. You can choose a system that has shelves, hanging racks, and drawers which are on sliders. 

You can choose from various building elements such as wire or wood in addition to an assortment of colors. It will be easy to find a modular closet that fits your design preference, budget, and space requirement. 

Contributor: Marty Basher

Ever wanted to try to design your own closet? Why not give it a shot in your new house… Find out more here.

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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