Modern Manners by Dorothea Johnson and Liv Tyler (10/22)

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This fairly compact book (176 pages cover-to-cover) is easily-digested and is co-authored by the founder of The Protocol School of Washington. Ms. Johnson has presented seminars and briefings on manners to more than 100,000 individuals worldwide, has previously authored five books on various aspects of this topic (including a bestseller entitled The Little Book of Etiquette), and is a frequent contributor to trade and business publications. In this book, the authors help professionals navigate the 21st-century expectations regarding the manners and etiquette required in both social and business settings.

They address issues on a wide range of topics including: handling job interviews, providing confident handshakes, making good conversation in any setting, proper business attire and meeting protocol, e-mail etiquette, what to post (or refrain from posting) on social media, dealing with rude cell phone users, hosting meetings at restaurants, and a guide to the table manners that young professionals must demonstrate. In summary, these authors provide a wealth of useful information that won’t be found in most business books these days.

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Contributors: Timothy G. Wiedman from Doane University

Written by Taegan Lion

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