Moab, Utah (2/8)

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Moab, Utah

It’s hard to put into the words the bounty of world-class trails that exist in the Moab desert. The grippy sandstone slabs give traction that mountain bikers dream of. Your bike tires will seemingly never slip, allowing you to climb and descent crazy terrain. There is hundreds of miles of singletrack in the area, which makes Moab a perfect destination for a mountain bike trip. The crown jewel of Moab is the Whole Enchilada trail. This trail descends nearly 8,000’ through evergreen forests, aspen groves, then desert singletrack. The beginning is definitely a technical challenge, and the complete trail is best suited for mountain bikers that are comfortable with long days on difficult terrain. The ride usually takes riders between three and six hours to complete, so pack your bike backpack with plenty of snacks and get ready for an adventure.

Written by Matt Sklar

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