Miss Spiritual Tramp of 1948: FemmePunkPoetry (18/18)

Miss Spiritual Tramp of 1948 cover

Miss Spiritual Tramp of 1948 is a mini-manifesto: pro-soul, pro-sex, pro-love. Poems exploring my relationship with God, Carl Jung, J. D. Salinger and lap dances converge into sticky bliss, sometimes TMI and always, always honest. Whether spiritualist, misfit, feminist or all three, Miss Spiritual Tramp has something for everyone(ish.)

(CW for intense, graphic language; sexuality; trauma; honesty.)

A bit about me!:

I wrote my first novel when I was eleven; since then, I’ve dreamed of having a book published. While I’ve been published before (stories, articles, etc), I consider this book my first official release. It is time to manifest this dream with your help!

My $400 goal will publish 50 copies of my poetry book via a local Halifax printer, Halcraft Publishing. (In the first video I originally say $350; this was before I had knowledge of the Kickstarter payment fees. Woops!) Any donation over $15 will receive my thanks by way of a free, signed copy. If for whatever reason you want to opt-out of your copy, let me know. Any extra funds will support myself and my partner while I continue to follow my dreams, including but not limited to starting my own publishing company. Help me spread my words, and the words of others!

Written by C E Hoffman

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