Minnie by OLIKA (3/14)

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Minnie by OLIKA, a brand new, beautifully-designed, bird-shaped, natural hand sanitizing spray containing nourishing aloe vera and soothing essential oils. 

Designed especially for those who appreciate a stylish upgrade and better-for-you ingredients, our little nugget of germ-fighting power is the only hand sanitizer, a doctor will ever need. 

She’s the perfect stocking stuffer that packs a healthy punch. With 500+ sprays or 250 uses, Minnie replaces 15+ bottles of gel-based hand sani alternatives. 

Minnie is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand and comes complete with a locking mechanism to avoid spilling in your bag. Our bird quickly cleanses your hands, leaving them feeling soft, refreshed and with improved skin hydration for up to 24 hours. 

Contributor: Jessica Postiglione from OLIKA 

Written by Ben Skute

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