MemoKids: The lightest, most comfortable smart kids wearable (3/28)

MemoKids: The lightest, most comfortable smart kids wearable

MemoKids is a deep-tech smart kid thermometer, which gives parents peace of mind when taking care of their kids. MemoKids is designed to monitor kids’ fever condition and their sleep comfort level. Simply adhere MemoKids to the back of your kid using an adhesive that is specially designed for kids, continuous body temperature measurements are transmitted to a smart device for analysis. It alerts you in the events of fever spike or waking up, so you can check on them immediately.

MemoKids is designed to bring parents peace of mind, so they can better manage their time around the house with some “me” time. MemoKids device is reusable and made with soft, food-grade silicone material. The size is less than one-half of a standard credit card and the thickness is around the same as a nickel coin. The app has an easy-to-use interface with the ability to input symptoms and medication dosages for note-taking, so you can share the information with family members and doctors.

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