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MOISTURE PROTECTION – Clammy can be just as uncomfortable as hot. Therefore, it’s good to give a gift of a mattress protector – that has “wicking” properties that draw moisture away and keep the sleeper dry. Even better, these wicking fabrics are waterproof as well. This protects the mattress from sweat and spills – and in the case of young children – bedwetting accidents. In that instance, the parents on your list will be eternally grateful! 

ALLERGIES – allergens tend to collect in mattresses and pillows, where your loved ones breathe them in all night. Thankfully, high-tech mattress protectors have been developed that keep these powerful sleep inhibitors locked out of bedding. 

BED BUGS – Fortunately with a few additions the same mattress protection technologies that inhibit allergens can protect against bed bugs too. 

Contributor: Kathryn Grigg from CRaVE Mattress

Written by Ben Skute

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