MantelMount MM540 – Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount (22/47)

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MantelMount MM540 Pull Down TV Mount solves a common TV mounting problem: mounting a flatscreen TV above the fireplace is an extremely popular mounting option, but it creates a horrible viewing angle. 

The MM540 is one of the few TV mounts capable of vertical movement, in addition to side-to-side swivel. As a result, you can move the TV from above the fireplace down to eye level (the perfect viewing angle, which also helps prevent neck and back pain), and then move it back when you’re done watching. 

It also has a number of patented features no other mount has, like Auto-Straightening and Heat-Sensing Handles. It’s a great gift because it helps make the TV viewing experience much more enjoyable with a better viewing angle while also eliminate the neck and back pain that comes from looking at a TV that’s mounted too high.

Contributor: Spencer Greenwald from MantelMount

Written by Ben Skute

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