Make Sure to Have Good Tunes Queued Up! (1/4)

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It’s all about what’s on the jukebox, baby! Make sure you’re playing only the hits from the era or, on occasion, just before. Any tunes after the 1950s will ruin the illusion and party guests that are listening will question your soundtrack! Here are some artists to be sure to include:

-Elvis Presley

-Chuck Berry

-Fats Domino

-Little Richard

-The Crows

-The Penguins

-Buddy Holly

If you’re shooting for a fun, retro vibe, stick to pop hits. The early 1950s churned out a slew of great, albeit formulaic, doo-wop hits that will have everyone bouncing at your gettogether. It’s pretty easy to find some great playlists to throw you back, but here’s a link to a great start.

Written by Darcy Cudmore

Darcy Cudmore is a blogger and former Journalist. He enjoys the online world! Get in touch: [email protected].

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