Love Sense by Sue Johnson (2/10)

One of the most searched phrases on Google is “what is love?” Love Sense attempts to answer that question from 20 years of research on love, attachment, and bonding. The book is based on the most recent cutting-edge groundbreaking research on romantic love.

Love Sense talks about romantic love as an attachment bond that is similar to ones found between mother and child; the practical mental, psychological, and physical benefits of emotional connection with your partner especially how it reduces stress, is an antidote aging, promotes good health, and increases our resilience to life’s difficulties; the power of touch, sex, and intimacy and how it shapes our brains and connects us with our partner.

Love Sense addresses love and all that is related to it like trust, safety, intimacy, coping with separation distress and loss, strengthening your relationship, forgiveness.

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Contributor: Casey Lee from Rooted Hearts Counseling LLC

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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