Living Connected: Experiencing Healthy Family on Mission (7/24)

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We all want to experience meaningful, healthy relationships. Often, the issues that hinder connection are not hard to recognize, but they can be difficult to change. With God’s help, we can see how the way we experienced family as a child affects the way we show up as adults with those in our own family. 

And, when we are willing to see these areas through the lens of God’s word, we learn how to better relate to others. In this book you will learn: 

  • How the words used in your home have the power to give life, or take it. 
  • How conflict can deepen relationships, not destroy them. 
  • How affection between family members is a healthy response to deepening relationships. 
  • How to understand anger and carefully consider the ways it could impact your connections. 
  • How to be inspired by the truth that Jesus invites all people to mission as a part of a new kind of family. 

Life happens quickly, and we all need help developing healthy family relationships for the purpose of experiencing all that God has for us. This book provides thought-provoking, simple-to-understand ideas that will help the reader see immediate improvement in their home. 

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Contributor: Megan Poling from Lucid Books

Written by Taegan Lion

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