Little Millie Ford and Her New Skateboard (2/58)

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A book encouraging more girls to get involved in action sports and empowering kids to choose bravery, not perfection. 

These make a great gift for the adventurous millennial family because each book not only has a strong message but doubles as a piece of art that looks beautiful on the coffee table or children’s decorative shelf. The books have thick, textured paper and hand painted watercolour illustrations and were designed for adventurous families in mind. 

Contributors: Jess Lowcher from Tribe of Daughters

Written by Ben Skute


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  1. Such an epic book for families! Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a book featuring strong girls doing rad sports!

  2. I love this book and also their first book “Queenie Wahine” which is about a brave little surfer girl. Get these books, they are awesome! you can get them on

  3. love this! even if you’re not into action sports yourself – a great gift for girls who are waaaay more than princesses!

  4. This is a wonderful book with a powerful message! Girls and boys will enjoy the story over and over, and the illustrations are amazing!

  5. Wonderful book with engaging, rhyming text and beautiful illustrations. Sends a positive message to all children to take risks, try new things, and try your best! I love it!

  6. My daughter loves this series! It’s in our regular rotation of bedtime stories! What a powerful message each book sends!

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