Let It Happen (13/16)

Writer’s block, in my opinion, is often synonymous with perfectionism. Perfectionism breeds procrastination.

We feel that what we do must be so marvelous that if it isn’t great we won’t let it happen. The beauty of today’s devices is that it’s so easy to delete and rewrite that our revisions can be almost instantaneous and we can save past versions to review again if we so choose..

Just let it happen. Schedule a time to sit and work, preferably every day, or work on demand, if necessary, but let your thoughts flow. Once they’re written, they can always be revised. If you’ve seen the original pages of some of the world’s most famous and beloved authors, they are covered – often 80%, in fact – with penciled corrections.

Contributor: Arlene B. Englander from arleneenglander.com

Written by James Metcalfe

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