Kingdom and Kingdom: New Lands (4/4)

Kingdom: New Lands

A unique and endlessly rewarding (and punishing) strategy game, Kingdom is an incredibly enjoyable indie title for PC gamers. Combining tower defense, kingdom building and side-scrolling into a pleasantly pixelated experience. Recruit your subjects, build your kingdom and defend against the Greed, which comes in the night to pillage your wealth. Once used to the gameplay mechanics – which the game makes you learn yourself – players can enjoy improving their play strategies with each new session. What’s more, in the game’s expansion pack Kingdom: New Lands, many new layers of gameplay are added to further enrich your experience, only unlockable as the player progresses to new islands and new levels of difficulty. Whether you’re a fan of these types of games or not, Kingdom is a surprisingly welcoming game for players of any experience level, and you’ll soon find yourself trying to beat your previous plays again and again.

Written by Robert Heaney

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