Just Listen by Mark Goulston (4/26)

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I found this book to be well-written, easily understood, and chock full of useful information for breaking down communication barriers in a wide variety of situations.

Published by AMACOM and written by a psychiatrist (who’s also an internationally-recognized organizational consultant, corporate trainer, and FBI hostage-negotiation trainer), this reasonably-short, easily digested paperback (260 pages cover-to-cover) is a practical guide that provides techniques to help business leaders (as well as their supervisors and employees) deal with difficult superiors and colleagues, angry subordinates, demanding customers or self-destructive work teams.

Real-life examples drawn from Dr. Goulston’s consulting experience demonstrate how his clients have achieved success by following his advice to break down barriers — both inside the workplace and in their personal lives as well.

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Contributors: Timothy G. Wiedman from Doane College

Written by Taegan Lion

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