Journal about how you are feeling and what you want/need (5/28)

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Although verbal communication is important, especially when it comes to loneliness, there is not always the opportunity for this to happen. Journaling promotes further self-exploration and can often be easier than saying things out loud. It encourages you to consider what you already have, how you are feeling and what you want/need e.g. one quality friendship with someone who understands you and makes time for you.

You might find that it isn’t friendship you are looking for but it’s the idea of the reassurance and accountability that would bring because you lack trust in yourself. It could be that you want a distraction for something that is hard for you to uncover. Journaling supports us to reflect, to dream, to inspire ourselves and to release more of our thoughts and feelings onto paper. As well as being a source of relief and healing, writing can also be very therapeutic and creative.

Contributors: Emmy Brunner from The Recover Clinic

Written by Ben Skute

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