Place To Stay: Jaya House River Park (15/15)

Located alongside the Siem Reap River in Cambodia and surrounded by the Angkor World Heritage sites, Jaya House River Park is a 36-room boutique hotel offering luxury amenities and services. This includes two swimming pools (one featuring the world’s first silver chrome tiles), Spa and an all-day-dining restaurant.

Each guest also receives one complimentary spa service daily. With a goal of celebrating Cambodia’s heyday during the 1960s, the art features several large paintings made in Siem Reap by the Small Art School (an NGO supported by Jaya House).  Laundry bags are made by Rehash Trash using recycled plastic bags from Chi Kreng Province and created full-time jobs for 14 women.

Contributors: Debra Kelman Loew from Robertson Solutions

Written by Ben Skute

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