Jack White – TBA (5/10)

An American artist that needs no introduction is Jack White. Having made his name with The White Stripes and then The Raconteurs, Jack White is a connoisseur of the Great American rock song, but, with his own unique twist.

Liking to keep his style and genre fresh and unique, White’s most recent release was with the Dead Weather, 2015’s ‘Dodge and Burn.’ A critical success, with American Songwriter and AllMusic giving the album 4 out of 5 stars, expectation is high for White’s 2018 new release.

Of his new records, he calls it ‘good gardening music or roofing music or…back stabbing alley music.’ So make of that what you will, one things that will be certain is White’s 2018 release will be unique, just like his character.

Written by Trevor Twohig

Freelance writer from London. I enjoy writing sports, music and self-help articles primarily. My first novel ‘Sunny Sands’ will be released in 2018.

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