iTouch iFitness Bluetooth Smart Watch (3/14)

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Offering the same features as the popular FitBit but at a more affordable price, the iFITNESS Pulse is the perfect balance between fashion and fitness. This fitness companion features interchangeable, water-resistant silicone straps in an array of colors and stylish patterns, along with standout features such as: 

  • heart rate monitor 
  • smart notifications (email, text, social media) 
  • connected GPS 
  • sedentary reminder (so you can get up and moving when you’re stagnant for too long) 
  • calories counter 
  • pedometer (step tracker) 
  • camera remote 
  • alarm and clock 
  • sleep monitor (to track your sleep quality in light and REM sleep)

Contributor: Ginally Applebaum

Written by Ben Skute

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