Icy Bev Kooler Stainless Steel Bottle Insulator (2/22)

It’s that time of year again when the thought of thousands of men turn to deer. And, the last thing you need when you’ve been sitting in a blind for hours and a buck finally starts heading your way is for a glint of sunlight to bounce off your bottle of soda and startle your trophy back into the trees. 

That’s why you’ll want the camouflage-pattern Icy Bev Kooler. It’s more than just a metal sheath; the neoprene lining keeps drinks colder longer than any koozie while the silicone stopper keeps them carbonated. (It stores inside the cap, which also doubles as a twist-off bottle opener and features a loop that can be hooked onto carabiners.) It fits any 12-ounce glass bottle and comes with a 6-month satisfaction guarantee. 

Contributor: Martin Stein from Grand Fusion Housewares

Written by Ben Skute

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