Hydrated (2/3)

It is also important to focus on what liquids we consume too. The benefits of staying well hydrated can never be underestimated. A healthy, regular intake of water has benefits inside and out. On the inside, you help to flush out toxins and can help reduce fatigue. On the outside, drinking water keeps your skin healthy and hydrated and thus improves your complexion. A regular facial may be part of your regimen, but a steady supply of water goes hand in hand. It also promotes weight loss, boosts the immune system and can be a natural headache remedy. Also, it is free! So rather than waste money on fizzy drinks and sodas, you are better off sticking to H2O. 

Also be aware of low calorie sodas too. A study by researcher, Jillian Michaels, suggests that drinking low calorie fizzy drinks may prevent weight loss in the long term. Artificial sweeteners are not conducive to a healthy lifestyle and should really be avoided if at all possible. In addition, alcohol is a no go for maintaining your wellbeing and looking after yourself. That cold, glass of wine may seem like the perfect way to end a tough day, but alcohol is a depressant and effects your whole system and its regular workings. It will ensure you put on weight, but more importantly affects the quality of your sleep. The lack of R.E.M. shut-eye, can cause you to feel deflated, anxious and tired, possibly making you want another alcoholic drink. Avoid, the cycle altogether if you can.  

Written by Nathaniel Fried

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