Huel Powder (13/52)

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Huel is a nutritionally complete meal alternative formulated by nutrition experts that provides you with 27 essential vitamins and minerals, meeting the US ‘Daily Values’ for all macro- and micronutrients and is filled with protein, essential fats, carbs and fibers.

Huel is the perfect solution for those with a busy lifestyle who want to make sure they’re getting all the nutrients their body needs — this meal alternative is ready in under two minutes. Additionally, between sugary desserts and cross-country travel, it can be difficult for anyone to keep up with a healthy lifestyle during the Holidays. Don’t lose all of your progress after indulging. Huel is an easy way to get back on track and reset your healthy habits. You can even add it to your favorite Holiday treats to make them nutritionally complete!

Contributor: Julian Hearn from Huel

Written by Ben Skute

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