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Homesick Candles make an amazing housewarming gift for newlyweds because: 

  • Many couples aren’t from the same hometown. As the new couple is packing for their new nest they’re often forced to offload some of their own items from life before each other – including many items from their hometown. A Homesick Candle from the city, state, or country each partner is from is a unique piece of home decor that decorates their new abode while recognizing their unique past. It’s also a fantastic conversational piece they’ll enjoy having on the coffee table or mantle. 
  • Homesick Candles can also be used to commemorate the location of the wedding! Was the couple married in a different state or country from where they’re moving? Gift them a Homesick Candle to remember the location of their special day!

Contributors: Gina Waldhorn from Homesick Candles

Written by Ben Skute

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