Hiring Interns is Win-Win – they get experience, you get time (5/28)

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In my roles as an owner of a digital marketing agency and on the board of a non-profit, we love interns because everybody wins. They need experience and are hungry to learn. We have more work than we can feasibly accomplish alone. At our non-profit, we don’t have the budget for an employee, but we can use interns to handle tasks like social media posting, sending emails, conducting research, doing basic marketing design tasks, and things like that.

That frees up the assistant and executive director to focus on their jobs. At my agency, we instruct, provide readings, and then allow our interns to do actual work. They manage research, client document management, write blog content, and social media posts. The win-win applies because they then have items for their portfolio, experience at an agency, and have a greater understanding of what we do. The win for us is that we have work being done, with lengthy or lower-level tasks being handled by the interns instead of senior-level employees.

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Written by Zak Parker

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