Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra (11/31)

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Made of ultra high-strength stainless steel for durability and weight reduction, the new Trail Crampon Ultra brings the Trail Crampon’s legacy of superb traction performance to those needing to travel faster and lighter. 18 spikes offer aggressive traction on any icy surface and distribute pressure to withstand wear. Welded chains easily endure repeated torque, foot strikes and abuse on ice and snow. 

Double-sided chains keep a tight grip on shoes to prevent any shifting of the traction device. A larger heel plate gives secure traction and ultra stability for descents and trail-running. Finally, the Trail Crampon Ultra has a Velcro strap that fastens over the top of the foot increasing the stability of the traction system and offering an insanely secure fit. 

Contributor: Elizabeth Gerken from Groundswell PR

Written by Ben Skute

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