Goal Setting (10/14)

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  1. Set reachable goals (it’s good to challenge yourself, but you don’t want to set goals that are unattainable or you will set yourself up for failure)
  2. Put your goals in writing or on your computer or phone so you can refer to them regularly.
  3. Create a mechanism to remind yourself of your goals.
  4. Track your progress towards attaining your goals.
  5. When you achieve a goal, do something nice for yourself as a reward for attaining the goal.
  6. Make sure the goals you set are in manageable chunks so you don’t become overwhelmed.
  7. Find motivation for yourself in the motivating words of others. There are plenty of websites and resources you can look through to find motivational speeches, quotes, etc.
  8. If you don’t achieve your goals, don’t be too hard on yourself. Make it a teachable moment so you know how to adjust your expectations in the future and can set more reasonable goals for yourself the next time.

ContributorsDr. Steven Rosenberg, Ph.D. from QuitItNow

Written by Ben Skute

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