Go The Teacher First (1/14)

When you have an issue, always go to the teacher first. If you do not feel comfortable speaking with the teacher alone ask for another, non-administrative, party to be present. Examples of a third party can be the school social worker, a guidance counselor, a parent liaison, an academic coach, or a member of the child study team.

The second you go to administration, the opportunity to build a collaborative relationship with the teacher is OVER. Before you take that final step you need to attempt to remediate the issue with the teacher, or with the assistance of another respected individual within the school. Taking these steps also shows administrators that you are trying to work collaboratively with the school to help your child. It prevents the helicopter parent label and your child being coined as the student with the combative parent.

Contributor: Dr. Kristin Bertolero, Ed.S., Ed.D from njcie

Written by James Metcalfe

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