Girls with Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young (1/27)

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Suzanne Young’s upcoming YA science fiction thriller is a chilling story that appeals to adults as well as teens, and really creates an atmosphere of claustrophobic unawareness of what is actually going on, for readers along with the characters. Are these girls, trapped in a boarding school that aims to make them perfect young women in every possible way, real? Their emotions and fears certainly are, but as the story unfolds, readers discover just as they do that something more horrific is happening than any of them could have ever guessed. With the public eye on #metoo and issues of sexual harassment, male dominance, and general sexism, Young doesn’t pull any punches with this dark descent into a world where the objectification of girls is a high-stakes business. 

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Contributor: Cecily Wolfe from CecilyWolfe

Written by Taegan Lion

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