Girls Do Good by Jos Dirkx (11/24)

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Supported by global tech company Dell EMC, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Leymah Gbowee and Beauty Entrepreneur Huda Kattan, Girls Do Good is filled with 11 impactful stories of young world-changing superheroes in technology, environmentalism, politics, science, sports and more. 

Some examples of the trailblazers below: 

  • Melati (17) and Isabel (17), environmentalist sisters who have built a global non-profit to stop the use of plastic bags, Bye Bye Plastic Bags. 
  • Laura (23), youngest person to sail around the world solo, while still having to do homework! 
  • Ashleigh (19), can’t read or write music because she’s partially deaf and has autism, but is wowing fans with her astonishing voice. 
  • Lily (16), inventor behind the Kangaroo Cup and has helped thousands of people with Parkinson’s disease. 

Girls Do Good represents the evolution of EdTech by enhancing learning using digital quizzes, AR and games. 

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Contributor: Jos Dirx from Girls Do Good

Written by Taegan Lion

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