Football Cooler Pack from Hampton Farms (8/50)

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For road trips especially, Hampton Farms’ honey roasted nuts make for the perfect snack that all passengers will absolutely love. Coming in different flavors such as honey maple, sweet and salty, honey chipotle and much more, you’re bound to find a flavor that everybody will enjoy. 

Peanuts also offer a ton of nutritional and health benefits. Peanuts can help you get more nutrition in every bite, giving you more energy to live a vibrant life. Some people worry about the fat in peanuts, but it’s important to remember that most of the fat is good fat – 12 grams of the 14 grams total fat are unsaturated – the kind that we should eat more often. As part of a balanced diet, peanuts and peanut butter provide great tasting nutrition. 

These tasty treats are road trip essentials and will leave your passengers silent the whole ride there. 

Contributor: Jake Freedman from Hampton Farms

Written by Ben Skute

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